balloon video clips for download

Don’t forget that we now offer more than 800 clips for download, including full length balloon movies. Check them out now!

Downloadable balloon video clips here!

4 Responses to “Downloadable Video Clips”

When will Eira’s clips be added? 🙂

Not for a bit, we prefer to let members enjoy the clips exclusively for a while

Some people don’t have any idea how much drinwag actually takes time. For some reason they think drinwag is like farting: finished in a second with no effort. Then they’re like :0 when you tell them it actually takes several hours.Take care of yourself and don’t stress because of some impatient people online. Your well being and RL > comic, although it’s very awesome. 🙂

When the HECK are YOU Gonna Update the “Balloon-Guys” website with New Items and People!

I’m NOT Spending my $$$ on some website that doesn’t Update!!