Double Blow To Pop

Atish's double blow to pop
Sorry about this week’s Blow to Burst update being a little late, but I promise you that it’s worth the wait! Atish wanted to demonstrate something that she learned while appearing on Live Balloon Shows. She started off by inflating a 24 inch Qualatex part way. After a minute or two, Atish stuffs a 16 inch inside of it, and begins to inflate it instead of the 24. Almost immediately, the 16 inch sealed off the 24, so that the air inside of it would not escape. As the 16Q grew in size, it forced the 24 incher to grow with it! Atish continued to blow the inner balloon till it was huge, causing the neck of the 24 to bulge in a weird way. Finally the 16 inch balloon could take no more, and popped on it’s own unexpectedly. Annoyed at the premature (and extra loud) pop, Atish attacks the 24 inch balloon with her usual energy and purpose. Nearly 14 minutes after it all started, Atish declared victory and collapses in exhaustion

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