Crocodile Huntress: Quigley Down Under

Inflatable Fetish Video

A nice fun video! The delightful Rayne, wearing white cut-offs and shorts, is on the rocks by a stream with a 7 foot uninflated crocodile named Quigley waiting for some attention. Camerawoman Renee is frequently heard commenting and giving instructions, the first one being “Let’s blow him up”. Yup, you heard right, Rayne with what Renee called “lungs of steel” is going to blow up Quigley all by herself. There is a little break soon after she starts, which is hardly noticeable, and I think it may have to do with Quigley needing some stretching out to get him going. The unseen Renee encourages Rayne and makes her laugh with “Go Rayne, Go Rayne…” At one point when she paused I thought, “Rayne, plug the hole so Quigley doesn’t lose air!” Soon Quigley’s nose, tail and eyes came out, then it doesn’t take long for Rayne to finish blowing up happy Quigley, all ready for his adventures. We hear the “zookeeper” telling us it is time for Quigley to go to his new environment. Then Rayne is in a green bikini with black stripes. She sneaks up on Quigley, then they’re in the water and we see Quigley isn’t so tough after all. Even though he did manage to toss Rayne off a couple of times. Notice his sneaky smile. Then Rayne gets hold of him good and lies on him. She hugged his neck too, awww. After more playtime, Rayne gets the command to bring him in. Quigley is then examined and found to be OK. Then Rayne sits on Quigley on the rocks as the water goes over him, then she rides lively Quigley. Rayne said Quigley said he likes the water. But Quigley goes where he wants to go; he doesn’t have a reverse. Quigley escaped down the rocks and found a little cove but then Rayne got him back under control. Examination finished, Quigley is found to be in perfect health, and ready for the new zoo breeding program. Next Rayne wears a hat and purple shirt, transporting Quigley to the new breeding program. It was touching to find out there will be a female crocodile there soon to keep Quigley company, and he even had a pretty waterfall and swimming hole with lot of roaming room. Rayne chats afterwards about what she liked and disliked about making the video. This was a very clever and fun video!

This video was filmed in 2000 and is part of our Vintage Video Collection. This video contains the raw footage obtained from the BalloonApalooza production.

27 minutes, 00 seconds

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