Corinne’s Bounce and Pop

Corinne is new to Balloon Bounce┬áthis week. In this extended clip, dressed in sexy lingerie and heels, Corinne starts surrounded with six green Tuftex balloons. After finding a good position, she slowly begins to bounce on the first balloon. Just when she thinks she can’t pop it, she does and lets out a squeal as she mentions how fast her heart is racing. As she keeps getting more and more comfortable with the experience, she begins to bounce faster and harder on the following balloons. She talks about how she can tell exactly when each one is ready to pop by the expanding and contracting of the neck between her thighs. She makes it through all six and mentions how “the anticipation builds up just as much every time” she nears popping a balloon. We *anticipate* Corinne will return soon!

Click here for a quick teaser clip!