inflatable boat

While Raven tries to inflate a Bestway boat by mouth, bratty Holly tries to deflate it in this new clip at Frisky-Business!

Click here for a free teaser clip of Holly trying to deflate the boat that Raven is inflating!

6 Responses to “Boat Inflation And Deflation”

Thank u for this awsome video. i hope to make another request later in the week.thanks so so so so mutch. keep these commin. T.

Please keep the bratty fun antics comming from these two

There should really be more inflating, and deflating Huge inflatable animals! 😀 would surely make me renew my membership!

i wanna make another request. i wanna see if possable a video with a inflatable duck. this has never done before. thanks and hope to hear from u soon . T.

T are you a member?

I was. and now i just like to see what the new previews are like . and request. just curious to see what these cool ladies do next. thats all. (I mean no harm). just like the previews. T.