bouncing on a beach ball in a bikini

Krystal in a bikini, bouncing on a 12 panel beachball at Frisky-Business. Does it get any better than this?

Click here for a free teaser clip of Krystal’s beach ball bounce in a bikini!

17 Responses to “Bikini Beachball Bounce”

what more is missing to say about this girl and the beachball ?

that we want another one !!! if it’s possible with clear and color beachball

All that’s left to do is deflate that bad boy! Pull the plug and watch her sink.

Would rather see her blowing and blowing until that thing goes B-O-O-M!!!

Some small deliberate holes, and bounce until flat! 😉

This girl is my favorite! I’d love to see her on a big Gl700 or the like. 😉

I wish I deflated it together with her

I think there is a clip of her deflating it around here somewhere 🙂

I do think this girl is my favorite.I wish she’d do me a video of her wearing the same bikini.I’d want her riding some large round mylars on the seam edge.And then the same thing as on this video but with a 24 and 36 inch beachballs.Almost forgot she’d be my favorite in a video riding punchballs.Wonder if she’d make a video doing these things?

I think what would be great is if you had all the new models all do a balloon vid or an inflates vid where you can have the girls inflate, ride, and pop them

Yes that would be great, wouldn’t it?

I’m sorry but I don’t think she’s available for customs.

a blow to pop beachball could be the max…

looks so much fun BOING BOING BOING

what kind of ball is that?

Colchester, essex, UK,

8 June 2010,

Hi has anyone thought of making a video of ladies playing volleyball with a beachball?

Andrew Hayman

Sounds like a very expensive video to produce, probably beyond our budget I’m afraid

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