inflatable beachball bounce

Since we all love to watch Miel bounce in white cotton panties, here she is at Frisky-Business on a 48 inch beachball. When she discovers a split seam, she’s even happier!

Click here for a free teaser clip of Miel bouncing on a big beachball in white cotton panties!

5 Responses to “Big Beachball Bounce In Panties”

Few more clips like this and I will have to become a member again 😉

Could not wait!!! Became a member again 🙂
Watched 7 minutes of bouncing. Finally get to the seam tear… starting to get excited as the white panties get to work…. then its over?????

Where is the rest?

No response???
Well I hope to see more pantie clad, beachball popping clips! That reindeer should cop it as well 😉

Lui I’m sure you know that not everybody wants to see the total destruction. Some prefer just the hint of it so that they can work their imaginations and anticipate. Glad you’re a member again, member requests do get priority 🙂

That’s cool, I understand. Don’t suppose you finished filming the ride down?
That model is too cute and her in white undies being cruel to the beachballs…. Mmmmmm
Some deliberate holes would be good, but no transparent toys! They do nothing for me, but I do love the balls in this clip the most.
Guess I just made a members request 😉