inflatable beach balls

Sophie puts her butt to work bum popping beach balls in this new clip at Frisky-Business!

Click here for a free teaser clip of Sophie’s beach ball bum popping!

15 Responses to “Beach Ball Bum Popping”

this is gross!!!!!!! nextime please do something with a inflatable boat. thanks.

how is it gross? and where on earthdo you get an inflatable boat? ive never even seen one

Please xev can u do a video with a raft/boat. please please please,. post 1 here thanks

I liked it, the girl was cute, her panties were hot!!
I wish she had the balls from last weeks clips to play with though… and a sharp object to punish those 36 inchers into submission 😉

Keep this sort of clip coming!

PS would it be possible to go back to 2 updates a week? maybe by splitting a clip into 2 bits, say one half would be for non poppers/inflaters and the other update… well it would be the one that I would look forward to 😉

I would like to watch Brooke and Debby blowing up the clear and white beachballs

Have to agree with Xev, how it is gross? I find it quite stimulating!

Unfortunately there just wasn’t enough support when we tried (repeatedly) to bring back the two updates/week.
My expenses doubled but memberships didn’t increase whatsoever. The only way I could pull it off is to raise subscription rates- and nobody wants that.

Xev- these are inflatable boats

You must be blind/stupid, Sophie is beautiful, and having fun as well.
Keep it coming emmanuelle.

Xev is way right that dude T is nuts. Hey Xev did you blow them all up for Sophie?

Ohhh a raft! i was thinking literal…like an actual boat betty boop tugboat

Great clip this one! Definitely not gross.

Yeah!! Great clip. Finally some real beach ball bouncing! She could have xev in her lap too! 😉

please xev do a raft/boat video nextime for me. and have my name in it oplease. that would be awsome!!!!!. thanks

hey xev, I wish you’d do another clip where you blew up a balloon and let the air out on your clit…. And maybe sophie can be in that clip too- you and sophie are in my opinion the sexiest women here at and I’d love to see you both naked, maybe even throw in som girl-girl action