smoke cigarette balloon

In this new clip at Smoke And Balloons Raven discovers her boyfriend’s stash of big balloons, and erupts into a jealous fit!

Click here for a free teaser clip of Raven getting jealous over her boyfriend’s balloons!

7 Responses to “Balloon Jealousy”

something within a storyline as this don’t make sense, Why would a dudes girlfriend get all mad just because he has a stash of balloons. I mean I know such crazy things do happen all the time. Like what would it matter if it’s the girlfriend with balloons or the dude.

Hehe- Clearly you do not know women. We get irrationally jealous all the time 🙂

Another cheesy storyline and a reason I’m not a member.

It’s not meant to be shakespeare.

I would have to say that seeing a new face with any kind of story line is a good thing…

I actually like the story line… happened to me ….. she didn’t like my little fetish and got upset to find the stash of balloons….as she smoked she hemmed and hawed similar to your little skit…..LOVE IT

Any chance of putting this on your clips4sale site?