Atish’s Habs Beach Ball

Montreal Canadians beach ball

Fans of Frisky-Business know how energetic and enthusiastic Atish is. What you might not know is how much she loves hockey, particularly the Habs. In this latest clip, Atish takes a 48 inch inflatable ball with a Habs logo and starts to inflate it with an electric pump. She quickly decides she can do a better job and chooses to inflate it by mouth. There’s a reason this is an extended clip (Atish even says “I hope you have a lot of tape!”) as she keeps blowing and gets more and more excited as the ball begins to take shape. Atish does eventually get a bit tired and goes back to the machine. When it’s finally fully inflated, she decides to have some fun with her new toy. Go Habs, Go, indeed! 😉

Click here for a free teaser clip!