inflatable air mattress

With her ass up, Eira unplugs a tightly filled air mattress and rides it flat to the floor as it deflates under her in this new clip at Frisky-Business!

Click here for a free teaser clip of Eira deflating an air mat!

10 Responses to “Airmat Deflation”

awsome video keep the deflates commin. and i wish it was a inflatable boat. one thing that gets me is not a hello or a hi when some of the models start.(im not complainin). thanks for the effort though keep em commin.

Please large inflatable boat was splendidly.

please Heel pop!!! 😉

In many of our clips the girls say hello at the beginning, but Eira isn’t very comfortable talking on camera.

Boat coming soon

Thanks. can xev do this video. and can u please have her dedacate it to me. T. Please. Thanks.

Sorry T
Other members probably don’t want to hear another guy’s name in their video.

Please inflate by mouth it makes me so horny!!!!!!!

eira has a pretty thick french accent, and is new to videos so she doesnt talk all that much

Please inflate it by mouth eira please geting horny if i think about it please inflate it nice and ticht