blow to pop balloons

In this new clip at Blow to Burst Holly and Raven sit outside and share a 40 inch Tilco balloon!

Here is a teaser clip of Holly and Raven slowly blowing up a 40 inch tilco until it pops!

8 Responses to “40 Inch Tilco Balloon”

That was huge!

I don’t know if this request is doable but I’d love to see these two have a blow to pop race with a couple of those or if they are too big a couple of 36″. I’ve never seen that and would love to 🙂

I would still love to see holly use the electric pump on that huge 72″er that was done for emmaballoons but this time till it pops. =) Holly your the greatest.

I loved working with Holly, and she is missed. She moved to Germany a few weeks ago, so won’t be modeling anymore.

Models do move on with new projects!That’s too bad though,because they’re very well missed.

well that’s a bummer, perhaps someone else can do it. I’m guessing models are pretty hard to come by… especially for this fetish.

It really doesn’t matter what the fetish. The models you guys like to see are generally 20 years old, flaky, irresponsible and just having fun with their lives. They do this for fun and then move on to the next shiny thing they see 🙂
If you guys were into more mature women, I can see them sticking around longer because they’d take their jobs much more seriously

Ok then Emma…. When are you gonna come back around in front of the camera?