bounce on balloons

Miel introduces herself to Balloon Bounce with a 30 inch balloon and some naughty talk!

Click here for a quick teaser clip of Miel bouncing on a 30 inch balloon!

6 Responses to “30 Inch Balloon Bounce”


Who makes that balloon?

No use asking. They never respond to relevant questions on here. Very frustrating to potentially paying customers.

Ask a relevant question, and I’ll respond quickly 🙂
I check in every day

Okay, how about the questions I’ve been asking for the last year or so about the 72″ Tilco’s that you’ve been using in your sets (the ones that haven’t been popped)? I’ve been asking every time one is used if you’d consider selling it. For example, the one that was blown up and deflated all over the beautiful model. I would pay money for it. I’ve posted questions on here and the response is ZIP.

If I have not listed it for sale, it’s not for sale at this time. I know that I’ve answered this exact question, but perhaps someone else asked it and I mixed up the people posing the questions.