Monthly Archives: February 2010

Non Popping

cigarette and balloon

By popular request, Adele dons her blue latex dress and enjoys a cigarette while inflating a balloon. The balloon outlasts her cigarette, so she continues inflating even after the smoke is extinguished in this non popping clip at Smoke And Balloons!

Click here for a free teaser clip of Adele smoking while inflating her balloon!

Tight Beach Ball

men and beach balls

Jake is back this week at Balloon-Guys. This time he inflates a beachball by mouth till it’s nice and tight, before pressing his hard cock against it through his boxers!

Here’s a free teaser clip of Jake with a tight beach ball!


blow to pop balloons

In this new clip at Blow to Burst, Kedra manages to coax extra size out of a Balloon Directory Balloon, as she slowly fills it with her warm breath till it bursts!

Click here to watch a free sample clip of Kedra overinflating till her balloon pops!

Leaf Print Balloon

feet and balloons

Donna teases a pretty leaf print balloon with her bare feet in this new clip at Feet And Balloons. Curling her toes around the knot, she picks it up and plays with it, the curling causing her soles to wrinkle delightfully!

Click here for a free sample of Donna teasing a leaf print balloon!

Balloon Grind

balloon riding and bouncing

Alexxia rides on a big yellow balloon, grinding her bare pussy into the latex, thoroughly enjoying every moment in this non popping clip at Balloon Bounce!

Click here for a quick teaser clip of Alexxia’s balloon grind!

18 Pocket Airmat

french airmat

Relying entirely on lungpower, Debby inflates an 18 pocket airmat by mouth in this new scene at Frisky-Business!

Click here for a free teaser clip of Debby inflating an 18 pocket airmat by mouth!

Balloon Blow

inflate balloon

Donna has fun in this inflation clip at Emmas Balloons; not just blowing up balloons by mouth, but rubbing them on those perfect tits of her’s too!

Click here for a free teaser clip of Donna inflating balloons by mouth and rubbing them on herself!

Vinnie With Small Balloons

men and balloons
Vinnie lies with an assortment of small balloons, and tries them all against his cock in this new clip at Balloon-Guys!

Here’s a free teaser clip of Vinnie with his small balloons!

Strong Marlboro Cigarette

cigarette and balloon

Dragging deeply on a strong Marlboro cigarette, Xev inflates a 17 inch balloon in this new scene at Smoke And Balloons. When she grows tired of it, Xev deliberately cigpops it, engulfing the room in a cloud of smoke!

Click here for a free teaser clip of Xev cigpopping with a strong Marlboro cigarette!