Monthly Archives: January 2009

Alexxia’s Marlborough 100

cigarette and balloon
MEEK7 requested this week’s scene at Smoke And Balloons. He asked that Alexxia ride a balloon while smoking a Marlborough 100. Happy to oblige, we think that Alexxia did a great job of satisfying our members, and her craving 🙂

Click here for a free teaser clip of Alexxia enjoying a marlborough 100.

Fingering Fun

fingering herself on a balloon
Lizzie is having so much fun on this big balloon at Emmas Balloons, that she keeps falling off! Not one to let such a silly thing be a mood killer, Lizzie gets back in the saddle, enveloping her body with the latex. Working herself into a frenzy, Lizzie lets her fingers do the walking, till she is simply overcome and can take no more 😉

Click here for a free teaser clip of Lizzie’s fingering fun on a big balloon!

Newbie Blow To Pop

men and balloons
Still new and learning about balloons at Balloon-Guys, Randy experiences his very first blow to pop!

Here’s a free teaser clip of Randy’s first ever blow to pop

B2P Peacock Balloon

b2p peacock balloon
Kitty sits on a giant squishy balloon, while inflating a peacock balloon in this week’s clip at Blow to Burst. All is going well, the peacock is getting nice and tight, when BOOM, the big balloon she’s sitting on pops unexpectedly. Kitty falls on her butt, then finishes the job, blowing that peacock to smithereens!

Click here for a free sample clip of Kitty’s b2p of a peacock balloon!

Sexy Inflatable Chair

inflatable chair

Ava finds something about a new inflatable chair to get excited about in this new clip at Frisky-Business. She rubs her body all over it like a cat in heat, stripping off her thong panties so that she may get even closer to it. Ava fingers herself till she is good and wet, then lets her trusty vibrator do it’s job and bring her to a satisfying orgasm.

Click here for a free teaser clip of Ava’s sexy time on an inflatable chair!

Compressor Pop!

balloon pop

Alexxia is BACK! On her first day back in our studio (we hope that there will be many more), we put her to work satisfying a member’s request at Balloon Bounce. Alexxia climbed on a jellybean wearing tight jeans, and bounced away. When she realized that the balloon was too stretched out from bouncing, she untied it, and inserted a compressor nozzle while she continued to ride it. The balloon sucked the compressor tank dry (sorry) and still wouldn’t pop! Alexxia allowed the balloon to continue filling as the compressor refilled itself, seemingly forever before it finally popped underneath her, dropping her on that hot ass of her’s! Thanks Todd for the great idea 🙂

Click here for a quick teaser clip of Alexxia’s compressor pop while riding!

Kitty’s Multi Pop

balloon pop
Wearing a skimpy little one piece, Kitty is in a mischievious mood while shooting this clip at Emmas Balloons. She pops a whole bunch of balloons in different ways, using her bum, nails, toothpick, scissors and a lighter.

Click here for a free teaser clip of Kitty’s balloon multi pop!

Foot Pump In Slides

balloon pumping in slides

Alex requested this week’s clip at Feet And Balloons. Xev wears sexy slides while foot pumping to pop a 40 inch Tilco balloon. We like how her arches are highlighted as her foot pumps up and down!

Click here for a free teaser clip of Xev’s foot pump in slides!

Pump Inflation

balloon inflation
We all know what a scaredy cat Starla is, but we’re working on her. In this clip at Emmas Balloons, we asked her to inflate an assortment of balloons nice and tight with the zibi pump. It’s not our fault one popped 😀

Click here for a free teaser clip of Starla’s pump inflation!