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Krystal Cig Pops A Big Beachball

Krystal cig pops a big beachball
This week’s clip from Smoke And Balloons illustrates just how sexy a dominant blonde with a cigarette can be. Krystal sits atop a big clear beachball and smokes a 120 cigarette. Then, with a sly look in her eye, she carefully burns a hole in it. She feigns remorse… until she burns another hole. Then she squeezes the ball between her thighs, as she continues to burn more holes, letting the air slowly seep out while she sinks, on the ball, to the ground. By the end, both the cigarette and the beachball have met their match and reached their end.

Click here for a free teaser clip


fan pics

This week at Balloon Bounce we’d like to say a big thanks to MISTRAL for being such a loyal member. We hope that he’ll accept this small token of our appreciation… a set of pics featuring Atish’s amazing ass sitting on his balloon. Thanks a bunch MISTRAL, we appreciate it! 



member appreciation pictures
This week at Feet And Balloons we’d like to say thanks to our member, SHRIMPER. Kitty does the honours, pushing down on a 14 inch balloon with her hot little ass, pressing the latex against her fishnet encased soles. We hope that SHRIMPER enjoys his pics. Thanks for being our member! 

Kitty’s Inflatable Boat

Kitty in and on an inflatable boat
Sexy Kitty returns to Frisky-Business in a photo set that features her playing around with a tightly inflated Intex boat. Wearing sexy black and red lingerie, Kitty writhes around in and around the boat. She extends her long legs around the edges of the boat and then lays inside of it, bending the boat around her body. She moves the pool toy to her every whim, making it conform to the curves of her sexy body. By the end of the photo set, it’s like the boat is another piece of her lingerie.


Time again to say thanks, at Blow To Burst. This week, we thank BINGOCASH with some help from Atish. The sexy brunette is wearing a red fishnet body suit and blowing till burst a red balloon with BINGOCASH’s name on it. Atish has legendary lungs and she puts them to great use as the end of this photo set shows Atish smiling with no balloon left!


Alice’s 18 Inch Balloons

18 inch balloons
The balloons are getting bigger at Emmas Balloons lately, and this week is no exception! Alice makes an appearance in this week’s photoset update, wearing a naughty fishnet bodysuit and joined by three 18 inch balloons. She can feel the tight latex through the suit, against her skin as she angles her lithe body into different positions, seeking the best sensations. We like the ones where she’s laying on the balloons, daring them to pop under her! 

Jumping On Balloons

popping balloons by jumping on them

Looking hot in a teenie bikini, Scarlette footpops a bunch of 12 inch balloons in this week’s update at Feet And Balloons. She doesn’t just stomp on them though, Scarlette JUMPS on them with both of her pretty bare feet!

Click here for a free teaser clip!


Scarlette Blows To Pop Latex Gloves

blowing up latex gloves
Scarlette tries out something new at Emmas Balloons this week. We handed her five pastel coloured latex gloves and the zibi pump. One by one, Scarlette put them on the blower and turned it on, quickly filling them with air till they burst. Saving the best for last, Scarlette wrapped her lips around the neck of the final glove, and blew it by mouth until it too popped!

Click here for a free teaser clip!


feet and balloons
This week we at Feet And Balloons would like to say THANKS to GRANVILLE for being a loyal site member. As a small token of our appreciation, we shot these pics of his balloon being stomped by a big heavy boot. Hope he likes them!