Monthly Archives: June 2008

Vanessa’s High Arches

feet and balloons

To prepare for this Feet And Balloons shoot, Vanessa painted her toenails with shiny pink polish, then frenched them up with a band of gold shimmer across the tips. She then slipped her pretty feet into clear lucite heels to demonstrate how much pressure her feet can apply to a balloon lodged between them. She presses hard, increasing the indentation in the latex. Vanessa then drops the heels, and pulls on the neck of the balloon with the knot lodged firmly between her big and second toe, teasing us with great shots of her wrinkly soles at the same time!

Alexxia’s Small Balloon Bum Pop

Small balloons get bum popped

Stunning brunette Alexxia is back at Balloon Bounce in a fabulous bum popping clip. She sits in a white bra and black skirt as she tries desperately to pop a purple balloon. She might have thought it would be easy after quickly popping a green one that took her by surprise. She has a moment of relief when she finally pops it, and then it’s onto a blue and red one. She starts on the red one, bouncing and grinding her ass against it until it finally gives in. As for the blue one… it’s not the last one in the clip! Watch and see. ūüėČ

Click here for a quick teaser clip!


Our latest “thank you” at Blow To Burst goes out to PIXIENJHJS. Kitty was kind enough to help us in a photo set that features her in sexy black and red lingerie and a yellow balloon with PIXIENJHJS’ name written on it. Kitty keeps blowing harder and inflating the balloon until all she’s left with is a piece of it in her hand, all in honour of this week’s special member!

Scenes From Redd’s Camshow

redd's balloon webcam show
Ever wonder what goes on in a balloon camshow? This week at Emmas Balloons you can find out! I shot these pics during Redd’s camshow a while back, and thought I’d share.

Double Blow To Pop

Atish's double blow to pop
Sorry about this week’s Blow to Burst update being a little late, but I promise you that it’s worth the wait! Atish wanted to demonstrate something that she learned while appearing on Live Balloon Shows. She started off by inflating a 24 inch Qualatex part way. After a minute or two, Atish stuffs a 16 inch inside of it, and begins to inflate it instead of the 24. Almost immediately, the 16 inch sealed off the 24, so that the air inside of it would not escape. As the 16Q grew in size, it forced the 24 incher to grow with it! Atish continued to blow the inner balloon till it was huge, causing the neck of the 24 to bulge in a weird way. Finally the 16 inch balloon could take no more, and popped on it’s own unexpectedly. Annoyed at the premature (and extra loud) pop, Atish attacks the 24 inch balloon with her usual energy and purpose. Nearly 14 minutes after it all started, Atish declared victory and collapses in exhaustion

Click here for a free sample clip!

36 Inch Fireworks Print Balloon

36 inch fireworks print balloon
Brunette stunner Adele returns to Emmas Balloons in a great new clip featuring her naked as she inflates this 36 inch fireworks print balloon with a zibi.¬†We love these balloons, which were sent to us by a fan, and are very much appreciated! They’re extremely soft and durable too, which makes for some great non-popping material. ¬†Adele sits naked, only wearing heels as she slowly fills it up,¬† then ties it up and climbs aboard for a fun “squishy” ride.

Click here for a free teaser clip!

Jonny’s Multi B2P

Johnny is back at Balloon-Guys in an awesome new clip. He starts off slowly inflating a 14 inch balloon while holding onto four others. This is harder than it looks, Jonny struggles with the b2p one handed, never letting go of the others.  One by one, Jonny attacks each of the pre-inflated 14 inchers with the same intensity, and one by one they succumb to the force of his warm breath!

Here’s a free teaser clip

Sandrine’s Beach Ball Inflation

Sandrine's beachball play

Sexy Sandrine returns to Frisky-Business in a¬†long clip featuring her and a beautiful beachball. Sandrine sits naked slowly using her own breath to inflate a beachball. As she does this she looks a bit frustrated as it seems to take a while. She doesn’t miss a beat though¬†as the ball begins to change from a wrinkled mess of¬†vinyl into a beautiful, firm, colorful ball. She continues to slowly and seductively blow into the ball as it continues to grow and take shape. By the end, Sandrine has a satisfied look on her face and a new toy to play with!

Click here for a free teaser clip!


More Jumping On Balloons

popping balloons by jumping on them

Sexy Adele¬†returns to¬†Feet And Balloons in a fun clip. She is surrounded by a bunch of purple balloons and she runs around giggling and leaping on the balloons, trying to stomp on them to pop them. Some of them prove difficult, but Adele is relentless and keeps jumping and popping each of them with her¬†cute feet. Her giggle is infectious as she keeps jumping and popping the purple balloons. By the time she’s done her pretty tiny feet are surrounded by shreds of purple latex.

Click here for a free teaser clip!