Monthly Archives: June 2008

Thank You ONLYONE!

It’s Member Appreciation Day at Blow To Burst! This week we’d like to show our appreciation to ONLYONE. Hopefully he will love this photoset that we shot just for him. Thanks ONLYONE for being one of our members!

Scarlette’s Sexy Jellybean Ride

scarlette's jellybean balloon
Scarlette is sexier than ever in this week’s video clip update at Emmas Balloons! Our naked blonde cutie blows up a bright pink jellybean balloon, ties it and climbs aboard. Scarlette rubs it against herself in a variety of hot positions, finding just the right one to give her what she needs 😉 Whether she’s riding, humping or rubbing it against her lady parts, this is one very hot clip you won’t want to miss!

Click here for a free teaser clip!

Thanks Chablie!

member appreciation pictures
Our latest “thank you” from Feet And Balloons goes out to CHABLIE. This time we’ve enlisted sexy Sandrine to help thank our loyal member. With a pair of clear high heels adorning her sexy feet, Sandrine toys with a clear balloon that is adorned with CHABLIE’s name. Teasing and taunting the balloon with her heels, the smile doesn’t leave Sandrine’s face. We’re hoping CHABLIE has a smile for quite a while after viewing this set.

Alice’s Elephant

Alice's inflatable elephant

Our latest Frisky-Business clip has sexy brunette Alice slowly inflating an inflatable elephant. Alice, sitting on her steps outside, uses all her breath to fill the blue elephant. Her lips wrap around the valve and you can hear her breath feeding her new toy. To continue filling her new friend, she has to raise it high in the air and tilt her head back for a better angle to keep inflating it. Alice finally fills the smiling elephant with enough air, grabs it by the tail and thrusts it between her legs to “test it out.”

Click here for a free teaser clip!


fan pics

This week at Balloon Bounce we thank another one of our terrific members. Kitty helps us thank BOLLEKE in a special photo set. We’re sure that seeing Kitty bouncing up and down on a balloon with BOLLEKE’s name written on it will really make him feel special! So, thanks, BOLLEKE… we’re hoping you’re feeling a bit warmer and fuzzier after this photo set. 😉

Thank You RICKY111

member appreciation day!

This week at Smoke And Balloons, we wanted to say thanks to RICKY111 for being a valued member! We got Kitty to help out as she smokes a Misty cigarette and cradles a clear orange balloon with RICKY111’s name written in black marker. Kitty shows the kind of love to the balloon that we have for RICKY111! Thanks, RICKY111, we hope you enjoy the photo set as much as Kitty enjoyed the balloon!

12 Inch Balloons B2P

Alice's triple blow to pop
Our latest update from Blow to Burst is a clip featuring Alice doing a “rapid fire” with three 12 inchers! She starts off with a white one, and as it gets bigger, she covers her eyes until it pops, jarring her as she pulls her hand away from her blinking eyes. The next balloon is pink and Alice seems to struggle a bit with the inflation. You can even hear her whimper at one point, but, once again covers her eyes before it pops. The third one? Well, you’ll just have to watch…

Click here for a free sample clip!

Inflatables At The Beach

Beachballs and airmat at the beach
It’s summer and there’s no better way to celebrate than with inflatable pool toys at the beach! While digging through the vault at Frisky-Business, we found this overlooked photoset of Irish at the beach with beach balls and a tightly inflated blue french air mat.  She finds all different places to put the beachballs. Between her legs, under her ass, squeezing them between her thighs. Of course, she doesn’t forget the airmat in her fun. She lays her beautiful body across the clear blue mat and even tugs at it, dragging it to the shoreline. We hope that you enjoy this sexy summertime photo set as much as we did!

Adele’s Misty Cigarette

Adele smokes a misty cigarette with her balloon
Adele is one of the sexiest smokers we’ve ever seen at Smoke And Balloons. This week she lights up a Misty, and leisurly inflates an 18″ balloon at the same time. Taking care to fill the balloon with many of her exhales, Adele fills it up about 3/4 full before saying goodbye… to the balloon; and deliberately cigpopping it- filling the room with a cloud of smoke

Click here for a free teaser clip