Monthly Archives: March 2008

Jamie’s Balloon Masturbation

Jamie returns to Balloon-Guys, in another great video! He starts off completely naked with a tightly inflated clear worker. Jamie climbs on board and starts to grind against the latex as it starts to make the pleasing noise he loves so much. As he continues to grind on it, he pulls up the inflated tail and begins to suck on it and flick it with his tongue. Soon he grabs his cock and rubs it between his hand and the worker. Already hard from the balloon play, Jamie’s excitement leads him to grab the tail of the worker and move it to his ass as he continues to masturbate while fingering his ass. The clip ends with a conclusion that leaves the balloon covered in Jamie’s spunk. 

Here’s a free teaser clip

Inflatable Easter Bunny

giant blow up easter bunny
Please, welcome Pixie to Frisky-Business! This sexy nymphet shows up in sexy pink and black lingerie and finds an inflatable Easter bunny that’s bigger than she is. After toying with its ears for a bit, and grabbing it from behind, she decides to flip it over and ride it for a while. During the course of this photo set, you’ll see Pixie completely take advantage of the bunny, riding it, grabbing its ears, and even putting her spectacular ass in its face. She even enjoys stroking his egg. How do we know she enjoys this experience? The smile never leaves her face!

Feet And Balloons

wrinkled soles and latex balloons
Adele returns to Feet And Balloons in a wonderful video clip that shows off this sexy girl’s talented toes. She takes a blue 16″ jewel toned balloon and completely controls it with her sexy red-painted toes, her high arches and her sexy wrinkled soles. Because it’s a jewel toned balloon, the view of her succulent feet (and other parts of her) as seen through the transparent blue latex is quite eye catching. Even more attention getting is how she pulls at the mouth with her toes, and squeezes the balloon between her soles, causing it to make all sorts of noises. Adele continuously wiggles her toes as she squeezes the balloon between her legs causing it to expand and contract.

Click here for a free teaser clip!


member appreciation day!
It’s time to show our appreciation, once again, at Smoke And Balloons. This week we give thanks to CLEARHELIUMSMOKE for being such a great member, and we have Adele doing the honors. This sexy brunette smoker sits naked with a clear spray Qualatex and CLEARHELIUMSMOKE written across the latex. As she slowly smokes her ciggy, she cradles the balloon and allows the smoke to escape her luscious red lips and surround the latex sphere, featuring CLEARHELIUMSMOKE’s name. Finally, as the set nears the end, the balloon makes it between her legs and a smile crosses her face as she exhales one last time.

Debby’s Black Balloons

big black balloons
If there’s one girl who was made for black balloons, it’s Debby! She returns in style to Emmas Balloons, in an incredible photo set with three such balloons. Dressed in a leopard print top and fishnet stockings, she crawls all over the balloons, sitting on them, squeezing them between her legs, and bending over them. That’s right, she bends over these three fully inflated black balloons, without any panties and looks back at you with a wicked smirk across her face. Debby is so talented that she’s even able to put two between her legs while sitting on them. As the set ends, she’s holding one in each hand and straddling the third!


Is there a better way to say “thank you? than with a beautiful woman inflating a balloon until it pops? In order to thank SARAHBLOWBALL for the loyal membership at Blow To Burst we’ve asked Ruby to help us do the thanking. Ruby sits down in her sexy glasses and black lace bustier and begins to inflate a pink balloon with SARAHBLOWBALL written across it. You’ll watch as Ruby takes a limp, uninflated balloon and slowly inflates it until it grows bigger and bigger in her hands. Finally, as you see Ruby’s cheeks puffing out with air, the balloon can’t take it anymore and Ruby is left with pieces of pink latex in her hands, and a smile across her face. Thanks, SARAHBLOWBALL.

Corinne’s Bounce and Pop

Corinne is new to Balloon Bounce this week. In this extended clip, dressed in sexy lingerie and heels, Corinne starts surrounded with six green Tuftex balloons. After finding a good position, she slowly begins to bounce on the first balloon. Just when she thinks she can’t pop it, she does and lets out a squeal as she mentions how fast her heart is racing. As she keeps getting more and more comfortable with the experience, she begins to bounce faster and harder on the following balloons. She talks about how she can tell exactly when each one is ready to pop by the expanding and contracting of the neck between her thighs. She makes it through all six and mentions how “the anticipation builds up just as much every time” she nears popping a balloon. We *anticipate* Corinne will return soon!

Click here for a quick teaser clip!

Ruby Pops With Tools

The sexy, talented and wicked Ruby returns in this enormous video clip from Emmas Balloons. Ruby sets herself up with a bed full of “bad balloons” and a table full of tools. She starts off talking about how much pain and fear these balloons have caused and how they need to be punished for their “crimes”. She uses everything from a pin to a drill to tease, torture, and finally pop every balloon in her path. She taunts each balloon just before it pops, most of them scattering pieces of latex all around her near naked body. She does do a few the honor of giving them a kiss just before she destroys them, but after they’re gone, her giggles and smiles prove this girl has no mercy! With a clip in excess of 17 minutes, there would have been plenty of time for her to show some.

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Adele’s Misty Cigarette

Smoke And Balloons happily welcomes back Adele in an awesome, extended clip. The brunette sexpot slowly enjoys her long Misty cigarette as she slowly inflates a dark red 16″ jewel tone balloon. As the clip continues, Adele fills the room with smoke as she blows it right onto the balloon that she’s inflating. She teases the balloon with the lit end of her cigarette as she strokes it with her fingertips and continues to pull at the mouth with her lips while she continues to fill it with her breath. At one point she smiles, looks right at you and says, “getting firm”. We think she’s talking about the balloon. 😉

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