Monthly Archives: November 2007

Thanks A Bunch!

Alexxia and the rest of us at Smoke And Balloons would like to say a special THANKS for being a member to DIIDIIID this week!

Redd’s Swim Rings

Redd has her way with two tightly inflated swim rings at Frisky-Business this week. Our firey redhead poses, sits and straddles them, along with squeezing them against her ample breasts!

Tchii’s Foot Play

This week’s video clip update at Feet And Balloons features Tchii. Tchii uses her bare feet to play with this pretty blue jewel toned 16″ Qualatex!

Click here for a free teaser!

Alexxia’s Balloon Sitting

In this week’s photo update at Emmas Balloons, Alexxia sits and straddles a 40 inch tilco while wearing really cute long socks. Lots of great gratuitous bum shots in this one!

Member Appreciation Day!

This week’s Blow To Burst special member is REDANDNOISY111. Many thanks to he, and everyone else for being such loyal members of our site!

Violet’s Balloon Bounce

Goth model Violet Manson inflates an orange 24″ Qualatex with a hand pump, before straddling and riding it till it pops in this week’s video clip update at Balloon Bounce!

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Redd’s Pin Popping Frenzy

Redd returns to Emmas Balloons this week in another enthusiastic video clip. We handed Redd some pins and a whole bunch of 11 and 12 inch balloons, and let her pop them all!  

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Thank You BUZZME

This week at Feet And Balloons we’d like to thank our featured member BUZZME with this special photoset starring Cassie! Thanks a bunch from all of us! 

Mina’s French Air Mattress

Mina returns to Frisky-Business this week in another sexy clip. Mina wears a hot little bikini, and climbs up on a double wide french air mattress in the pool. While posing and teasing the viewer in a variety of positions, Mina rocks that inflatable air mattress, leaving us wanting more and more!

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