blow to burst 20 inch balloon

Brooke is challenged to Blow to Burst as many 20 inch balloons as she could in 6 minutes. We were a little disappointed that she could only handle one and a half. Better luck next time Brooke.!

Here is a teaser clip of Brooke blowing to pop a 20 inch balloon!

2 Responses to “20 Inch Balloon Blow To Burst”

Watching Brooke blowing up just that one balloon did it for me! Can’t believe the SIZE that thing stretched to!

Keep the old plate, however they have been rlecntey a dead give away for slow drivers.. I gave up one green place to get one with a lightning bolt on it (see if anyone knows what that is ?). The other green I gave up was for my old Galaxie, I wanted to put it on antique plates to save insurance $. Although I cheat a bit and put a ’67 Mass plate on front and leave and antique out back. Jerry