blow to pop tuftex balloon

In this new clip at Blow to Burst Xev struggles to b2p a 17 inch Tuftex balloon. When the fun ends prematurely, she blows up a 16 incher and lets the air escape all over her clit!

Here is a teaser clip of Xev’s 16 and 17 inch balloons!

6 Responses to “17 Inch Tuftex Balloon”

Oh wow! The ending is definitely the best I’ve seen on this site yet.

what a nice blower ! I like when she looks

from the site, blowing up the 2nd balloon.

I still remember closing kurujuku beachball by

her tongue….professional !

She is the queen

where can I get the full movie? xev turns me on with her curves- now i’m super turned on because the though of xev blowing up a balloon and letting the air out on her sweet pussy- i would love to spend one night with xev and sophie- two hot babes with some wicked curves

join the site to see the full clip

how long till it’s available on the pay per download site?